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4 Planets Go Backwards in April….Yikes!!!



As a psychic phone reader I always like to consult the astrological heavens, as well as the spirits to see what’s going on, in a person’s life.


Ok, looking at the heavens above, we have 4 major planets going backward in the month of April. This will surely make an impact in our lives in some way, at this time.


Venus will retrograde until the 15th April in Aries. Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius commencing April 5. Mercury retrogrades in Taurus April 8 to 20, and Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn in April … now that has to have an impact in some way, on all our lives, respectively.


With Venus it will be about love and money and with Saturn it’s all about discipline, reasoning and living in one’s truth; watch out if you are living in a state of denial. Pluto is all about smashing down the unneeded or outdated, in order to bring about a more updated, and user-friendly model….Pluto really affects the world economies at large…


Ok, so let’s look at some key dates during this time:


On April 8, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus…finances and work may not be so great at this time …. Things will really slow down business wise and for others, there might be some difficult times in the workplace …. Please do not look to start any new employment at this time, as more than likely you will not be happy there, and within a short time-span, you will be looking for another job.


Mercury retrograde in Taurus may result in less cooperation at home and in the workplace. It seems like everyone is drafting a conspiracy against you. Please do not be disappointed as they may be feeling the same as you. To avoid arguments, be clear in your communications with others, as others may misunderstand you and vice versa.


Venus retrograde may shake up a few relationships; reoccurring issues will surface causing the relationship to get to a better place or to break up permanently. Venus also affects income, so businesses will slow down quite a lot during this time, some may even close down. But, others will survive and use the month of April to rethink, reassess and relaunch themselves in the month of May.


In order to get the most out of Venus retrograde, be open to seeing criticism as a constructive means of improving yourself within a relationship, and in turn communicate anything you may want from your partner in a positive and constructive way. In doing so, you may find your relationship going from strength to strength from May onward.


With all this backward motion of planets please do not sign any contracts or start anything new and I also find anything you purchase during this time may be needed to go back to where you purchased the item, as the device may prove faulty….


Use the month of April wisely to assess and re-assess your life so you can implement new goals in the month of May. Use this time to recognize, understand and correct past mistakes.


As a psychic phone reader, I always warn my clients of retrograde planets, as it temporarily brings a little chaos into one’s life preparing them for wonderful new beginnings and aspects, once the planets move forward.



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