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A Major Astrological Event that will Influence Your Week

Every now and then there is an astrological event that really grabs my attention. The one happening this week is one of those.


It’s all happening between the 8th and 15th September 2014

The week ahead is a really fiery one to say the least. First we have the Super Moon on the evening of the 8th to focus on. But that’s not all happening on the astrological front.

Mercury in Libra will form a T-square , involving Uranus and Pluto. This will all happen between the 8th and the 15th September. And, as with so many astrological events, relationships all over the world, both big and small, will be tested.

Astrological event causes issues to resurface

You may wonder what this specific astrological event has in store for you. How will it influence your relationships?

One thing I can tell you is that, if you have some issues with certain people in your life and these issues just won’t go away. you are in for a bumpy ride. The planets are perfectly aligned for these issues to resurface during the time of this specific astrological event.

Why does this astrological event cause relationship issues like these? I believe it’s all about the cleansing process. It’s all about filtering out the bad to make way for the good. That is all it is!

How will it influence relationships on a global scale?

On a world scale, I can’t help thinking there will be some mighty clashes between certain heads of power. And good old Obama who has so much Neptune in his chart, will want it all to just go away.

I don’t think it can and I will tell you why.

This whole astrological event looks truly dangerous. With Mars in Scorpio squaring Neptune and Jupiter clashing with Saturn, it sounds like the war of the gods. This energy will peak with the moon in Aries.

Watch out, Putin is coming and who knows what those ISIS extremists are up to. Helmets on, everyone!

Who will be most affected by this astrological event?

I have to warn all Gemini’s and Virgo’s, as you will be most affected by this. If your birthday takes place, then check out your solar return to see if and how this energy will affect you personally. Call me if you need help determining this.

I know some of this can be difficult to digest but my aim is to have you prepared for this astrological event. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed.

Just remember that the week will probably not end the way it starts.


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