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A psychic reading on Bec and Lleyton Hewitt

A reading on Bec and Lleyton Hewitt

There has been a lot written about the unhappy state of this couple in the media, so I thought I might take a “sneaky spiritual” view of their relationship, and this is what I found. Surprisingly the media aren’t completely wrong about this couple. As I can see this very public couple do have their challenges.

When I look at Bec, I see a very lost and nurturing soul, who is fed up with globetrotting the world whilst Lleyton relentlessly chases his dream of winning another tennis world title. She believes her children desperately need a fixed address, and I can’t help thinking she wants them to have a stable life and education in Australia. Lleyton cannot see this as he is so desperate to keep playing tennis . “One more year Bec, and then I will retire and focus more on you and family…” That year never comes, according to Bec.

As a result, Bec has become quite resentful, and dreams of a life totally different to the one she is leading now, Bec feels her and Lleyton are growing further and further apart, and as a result her resentment of him continues to grow, she is sick of compromising and fighting for his affection,which sadly will lead them to live secret and separate lives. For the record, I believe this is happening Already. But they are determined to keep this from the media.

I believe lleyton can be charming when he wants to, but quite cool and unresponsive towards Bec when things aren’t going well for him in the tennis world. And Bec is sick of fighting for his affection. So she has become her own person living her own life apart from him…don’t be surprised if she attempts to make a television comeback. This will be all part of her plan to assert her new found independence, and to break free from living in Lleyton’s shadow, please remember she was Australia’s most popular actress, these days she feels like Lleyton’s sidekick.

“No more!” Bec silently affirms. For so long “I have lived in your shadow, when my television career was put on the back burner!”
I can’t help thinking her children have suffered somewhat as a result of this as well…Bec is very worried about one in particular.

I believe Bec and Lleyton’s relationship is fairly irreparable and they will live separate lives, or just co-exist, whilst at the same time attemptping to show a fairly united front to the world

Dont be surprised if the media announces that the couple have spilt up one day….



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