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A True Clairvoyant – October 15th, 2015

Can anyone have psychic ability?

In my phone psychic readings I am asked frequently “how can I develop my psychic abilities?” Many people constantly sense when something is right or wrong, when something is true or not true, when something will happen or not. It is an innate feeling that we can’t pull ourselves away from.

Every psychic professional will have his or her interpretation of what is psychic ability and what isn’t …please note psychic ability is different from a feeling or an urge of wanting something so desperately ….therefore “it must come true!” at all costs,
that’s called “a false sense of hope” and usually it is coupled with strong emotional opposed to psychic ability, neutrality or intuition.

Psychic ability is something you and I are all born with, however many people harness it and develop it through spiritual practise, discipline and meditation…whilst others refuse to cultivate it wanting to live in the practical world, and that’s ok too.

In order to receive proper messages from spirit one must be quiet, disciplined and above all remain neutral in stance…when ones energy is scattered one will NEVER receive proper messages from spirit …in fact ….many times you can and will take the wrong, or completely opposite path..
….so as a online psychic phone reader I am constantly practising stillness, discipline and seeing the world from a sense of purity and neutrality …

If one starts to live this way one can cultivate these psychic abilities their psychic and clairvoyant ability will be richly rewarded in many ways


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