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A True Clairvoyant – October 19th, 2015

It’s that time of the week where you should find a quiet spot sit and focus on the tarot reading cards before you, your gaze will linger on one of them, please note this special tarot card will have special significance for you and by taking the following advice from spirit, you can make an ordinary, and even ugly week into a positive week…
So if your gaze is transfixed to:
Card one
Five of cups
Something or someone will replace the emptiness you feel
You are searching for a true love that fulfils you and makes you feel alive and appreciated
In many ways this tarot card is about lost live, and whether s/he will return…
Card two
Many unforeseen or unexpected events are going to come up, welcome the unexpected for at the end there will be a positive outcome
Another interpretation is that you will have a clash with the old and the new, this will cause a reaction for a new action. There is nothing to fear it’s part of the process of change…so go with it…your initial thought might need to change
As confronting as this is change your ways , because you will be provided with new material or ideas, so concentrate on the new clues and take advantage of them and you will succeed
Card three:
Wheel of fortune
Wow you are in for a new way of life, so get ready it’s about to commence
This apparent havoc is part of a new order of events, so please resist the old and welcome the new, it truly, truly is an exciting time for you ….I absolutely love this card it screams out good fortune ….but only if you let go of the past.

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