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Are Our Zodiacs Changing? – Recent Confusion among Believers in Astrology


As you must be knowing, astrology involves the study of planets and stars, and their influence on human beings. The stars are believed to play a major role in shaping the personalities of individuals. As a result, many people depend on their zodiac signs to gain insights into their futures. But, do they all know their right zodiac signs? Moreover, can the movement of the planets cause some variations in the zodiacs?


In this blog, I am going to discuss the recent uproar caused by NASA’s reflections on our zodiacs.


The confusing report – Confusion, fright and anger were caused by the recent claim of some reports that NASA has plans of changing the zodiac signs. According to the report, due to changes in the placement of the earth, a huge number of people supposedly use the wrong zodiac sign.


However, NASA is not involved in star signs or astrology in general and the furor was actually caused by a former post, addressed to children. However, it is also true that the confusion over star signs is not a new one.


The real discussion – The page on NASA’s website, which is dedicated to explaining the difference between astrology and astronomy, discusses the basis of the twelve zodiac signs, on which we depend for understanding our characteristic features. It says that the Sun signs are based on a model crafted by the ancient Babylonians, who lived on the Earth some three thousand years ago. In the years that followed, the position of the Earth, in relation to the planets, has changed. Thus, different constellations are now visible and the ones under which people were earlier born have undergone massive changes.


Reaction among the masses – This discussion by NASA had caused people to think that it is going to officially alter the zodiac signs and also add a new one, Ophiuchus.


As a result, people were panic-stricken to think that they believed in the wrong zodiac. This also meant that they have been depending on the wrong predictions and have been looking up the wrong star signs for determining their personalities. People were anxious to think that they were wrong all the while in taking many personal decisions as per their zodiacs.


Effects on astrology – Though NASA has no intention of introducing new zodiac signs, we cannot completely overrule the idea of the thirteenth-star sign, Ophiuchus. Ancient astrologers too, were most probably aware of its existence, but to break-up the 360-degree path of the Sun into 12 equal parts, they left out Ophiuchus.


Astrologers of the modern times read horoscopes and predict future by considering the zodiacs as per their own rules. Hence, they were not disturbed by the reports on the discussions by NASA. This has inspired people to overlook the hype and restore faith in their belief systems.


This has been the reason for the recent outcry on changing zodiacs. Read this write-up to clear all your doubts and uphold your belief in astrology, to know the future better.



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