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Aries, the Ram

Hello all you Rams out there. Today I want to discuss you in more detail, so here goes.


It’s no accident that you are the first sign of the horoscope, for the Aries is the pioneer, the dare devil and the person who just does not say “no”. No one can stop the ram, nor does anyone have a stronger will than you. Rams want to be where the action is and will make sure they are the first ones there.

Because Aries is a fire sign, Rams are enthusiastic and impulsively go off to start something without giving it much thought beforehand. Fools rush in but remember, rushing in takes great courage and Rams have plenty of that.

The best and the worst of the Aries Ram


Rams are assertive, direct and straightforward, but this also means they can be blunt or impatient. Be careful about being so strong willed that you forget to see the bigger picture and then cry when it’s all too late and that feeling of ‘should have known better’ enters your mind.

Rams like challenges and are often wonderful leaders. Their courage can inspire others to follow their lead and their contagious confidence can get everyone going. But don’t expect the ram to follow through. When the novelty wears off and the routine sets in, Aries sheds responsibility like the ram sheds his winter coat.

Rams in love

Rams in love won’t take no for an answer; they will pursue their beloved to the end of the world and beyond if necessary.

Rams can be jealous; they expect their love to give them the same fiery attention that they are giving . But Rams also enjoy sharing everything with the lover they have. Their ambition for those they love, like their ambition for themselves, knows no bounds.

Rams at work

Rams need work that hold their interest, things that totally involve them and allow them the freedom to express themselves. They don’t like to take orders and they’ll always climb to the top themselves. Their love of competition means that they won’t let setbacks stand in their way and their eagerness for new experiences means they’ll jump whenever they see a new opportunity.

Rams and their money

Impulsive Rams spend first then think later, or don’t even bother to think. Money for a Ram is just a way of getting ahead and getting ahead is the Ram’s credo. Aries know as long as they are working, they will always have money, but expect them to stash most of it in a bank. Aries are often the ones to see ways to make money but it might just as often be others who take advantage of a Ram’s moneymaking ideas.

Rams you are exciting, sexy, defiant and courageous to a fault. But your big hearts and your laughter are extraordinary traits which make you the wonderful people you are today.


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