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New Moon in Taurus

  We have a new moon in Taurus on Wednesday. Now, everyone must know how excited I get about new moon happenings. Why? It really is the universe’s way of saying, “I support you fully in all your initiatives and endeavours, please proceed to the starting line and away you go!”   Ok, so as… View Article

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What is Divination All About?

  Divination has been around for centuries, ever since the creation of Earth. Human beings of all races and cultures seek the answers to questions they have about their future. The names of the people answering these questions have differed according to their talents, but as a general rule of thumb, they are all psychics…. View Article

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Full Moon in Libra Tonight, April 11th, 2017

  When there is a full moon in Libra, it is always said – show compassion and put yourself in other people’s shoes.   Many of my articles in previous months have been about setting goals for oneself, and powering on in life with oneself mainly in mind. This full moon asks you to step… View Article

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Saturn Turns Retrograde This Week!!

  So many of my clients are asking what Saturn rules? Saturn rules lead, depression, obstacles, addictions that need to be addressed, bills that need to be paid, law, tax and a proper health regime. Our character will be tested. Have we grown up and leading a path of ‘righteousness’ or are we living a… View Article

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4 Planets Go Backwards in April….Yikes!!!

  As a psychic phone reader I always like to consult the astrological heavens, as well as the spirits to see what’s going on, in a person’s life.   Ok, looking at the heavens above, we have 4 major planets going backward in the month of April. This will surely make an impact in our… View Article

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Things You Should Consider to have an Excellent Psychic Phone Reading Session

Want to get a great psychic phone reading, then please read the following…   In order to get a great phone reading, you need to really ask questions from your heart. Please do not try to impress the reader by asking ‘the correct questions’. A good reader will not care what you’re asking, as long… View Article

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