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Contact a Dear Departed Soul and Find Love Knocking at your Door

Do you believe in life after life? Have you ever tried to establish contact with a loved one who passed away? If not, you can call a psychic over phone and ask him or her to create connection between you and your loved one. Those who offer psychic phone readings Australia can transform your life by making sure that you feel the love transmitting from the other world to your life. Whether you are missing your parents, child, friend or lover; a connection with the other world can make you happy.

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Fill your Heart with Love

Love is the most crucial emotion human beings can express. It is accompanied by trust, fellow feeling and forgiveness. Love without the above mentioned aspects cannot be called real love. If you are trying to speak to a departed soul, you must fill your heart with unbridled love. Hatred can stop the passage of energy from the ethereal world to the human world.

The Presence of Duality in Human Life

As human beings, we tend to drift between two states. Duality is the essence of human life. You must have heard the saying, happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. This means that you have to experience both good and bad aspects of life. Psychics believe that human life is a stage to perform and learn from mistakes. There is opportunity to make the most of all aspects of life, be it good or bad. If the good aspects offer pleasure, the bad aspects impart lessons. By opting for psychic phone readings Australia, you can experience how the lessons of human life transcend a soul after death.

The Power of Love

Today, I am going to mention about an incident that strengthened my belief over the power of love.
While I was honing my psychic powers, I got to realize the power of love and faith. At that time, I was training under a renowned psychic in India. A woman came to my mentor to ask for forgiveness from her ex-husband who had died many years ago. What I heard made me believe in the evolving power of the soul. My mentor was the medium, while the woman and I were other participants in the séance.

The soul of the dead husband forgave her even though she had cheated on him. He said that although he was very depressed and angry over her before he committed suicide, he had forgiven her mistake. Now, that he was not a mortal anymore he had realized that love was universal truth and hatred only eats into happiness. After the séance was over, the woman told us that this was the first time she was feeling so relieved after the death of her husband.

As long as you are alive, you should try to align your nature with the loving force in the universe. In this manner, you can contribute in making the world a much better place.

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