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Do you feel you are changing as a person ?

Do you feel you are changing as a person ?
Come now ….you must …with .:::

the Sun opposes Jupiter and Pluto over the next couple of days, sparking deep, alchemical change. The core of who we are is ready to transform as we step into new values, identities, and choices. If we cling to the past, this process will feel difficult. We may as well embrace the fact that veils are lifting, revealing who we truly are, imploring us to work through issues of fear, control, abuse, and preoccupation with material gain and external expectations. The planets are helping us clear our paths, internally and externally, so we can step onto radical new trajectories.⁣
I believe in the next few days you will start to see how you are changing towards the world ?. You are deciding who you now want to be, upon reflection of who you used to be, and this change will be born from an ideal that my ideals, values and perceptions did not work then, so I will change my thoughts and patterns, all to create the reality I really want now !!!

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