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Do You Want a Psychic Phone Reading with Amanda?

Amanda is online ready to take your call!
For those of you who follow her on Facebook, but have never had a one to one reading and would like to, the following information can give you a brief outline as to how it works.

Why does Amanda provide Australia’s Most Trusted Phone Psychic Reading?

Read On To Find Out How ?

Questions and Answers as to how to obtain a psychic phone reading with Amanda ?

Amanda is contactable on 0412421135, pls call her directly.

When is Amanda ormally available?

Amanda is available between 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday, and all her readings are conducted over the phone. ?

What is the best way to contact Amanda?

The best way to contact Amanda for a psychic reading is to call or text her directly, Amanda will aim to give you a psychic phone reading on the spot, if she does not answer pls write her a text and she will respond within the hour to your text.

When is the best time to have a psychic phone reading with Amanda?

The best time to have a psychic phone reading is when the client is alone and in a calm state of mind.

What type of questions can I ask Amanda?

The typical questions Amanda answers are :

When will I receive a new job?

When will I find the special someone in my life?

When will I sell my house?

When will I go on a holiday?

Why am I having these family/friends problems, will they clear, what do I need to do restore calm in my surroundings

Why is my partner/child so challenged ?

What do I need to do to have a more prosperous and rewarding life?

When is the best time to….?

What opportunities are coming my way in the next 6 months?

Are there any changes/ challenges coming my way in the next year?

Are my partner and I soulmate?

Will my partner and I divorce?

How can I fix my relationship?

I have just met a man will we survive and prosper?

How long are Amanda’s readings?

Before we start the reading you must choose whether you want:

10 mins 30 dollars

20 mins 60 dollars

30 mins 90 dollars

45 mins 135 dollars

The psychic phone reading is payable with credit debit card ? over the phone before the reading, internet banking is also available.

Does Amanda have any specials ?

Yes if you are a first time caller your reading will be discounted.
Every Monday and Wednesday Amanda has free group mini readings on her Facebook page linked to her website, these are interactive readings where popular questions are asked and a general answer from spirit is given.

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Why does Amanda provide Australia’s Most Trusted Phone Psychic Reading?


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