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The Four Elements and their Effects on the Zodiacs

The universe where we live is made up of 4 basic elements – Air, Water, Earth and Fire and the twelve zodiacs are categorized under these four elements. The elements not only make life possible on Earth, but also have the heavy influence on all the zodiacs.

In this blog, I am going to discuss how the elements affect the zodiacs and determine unique personality traits and characteristics.




Fire is very essential for life on Earth, as we need for different activities like cooking. However, fire is also destructive in nature. Thus, the zodiacs under fire sign are dynamic and volatile at the same time.


Aries – Aries is the first fire sign and the people having these zodiac are highly temperamental. They are very active and love adventure. They are enthusiastic about any work they do.


Leo – As Leo is the second fire sign, they love to be the center of attraction. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun, so they want everything to revolve around them. Just like the Sun, Leos are dependable, stable and dynamic.


Sagittarius – Sagittarius is the most mystic and gentle fire sign. Saggis are optimistic, creative and idealistic.




People with zodiacs fall under the Earth sign and are ground people. They are realistic, stable and down-to-earth.


Taurus – This is the first Earth sign and people who have this zodiac are strong and stable. They are also very stubborn and dislike change. They like harmonious relationships and enjoy to be around familiar people.


Virgo – This zodiac is generally indecisive in nature. They are too analytic, finicky and fussy. At the same time, they are also helpful, adaptable and stable.


Capricorn – Capricorns are materialistic, but they like to earn their own wealth by hard work. Similar to the depth of the Earth, Capricorns are deep and mysterious.




Without water, life would not have been possible on Earth. Therefore, the zodiacs under the water element are nurturing, loving and sacrificing.


Cancer – Cancers are always empathetic, nurturing, genuine and sensitive. However, the crab knows how to bite, if it is pushed too far.


Scorpio – Scorpio represents the potential of water. When under self-control, a Scorpio is wonderful, loving and loyal companions. However, if not handled with care, they can sting really hard.


Pisces – Pisceans are dreamy, gentle and adaptable like a stream of flowing water. They are also warm, welcoming and charming.




Air is the most mystical element and people whose zodiacs fall under this element enjoy their freedom. Air is very unpredictable, as well.


Gemini – Geminis love to wander and are very flighty. They are also curious and love conversations.


Libra – Libra is a very balanced zodiac. People who have this zodiac love harmony and justice.


Aquarius – Aquarius is the most original air sign. Aquarians love to gain knowledge and they always use it to unite people. However, they are also erratic and unpredictable at times.


This is how the four elements influence the zodiacs. Thus, if you want to know your characteristics better, study the element, under which your zodiac falls.



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