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Free Psychic Reading for 7th December, 2015

Hello there it’s that time of the week where my spirit guides will let you know what your week has installed for you….
so take a quiet moment to sit and meditate on the tarot cards below…please see which one you are transfixed on, that is your tarot card for the week, and by following spirit’s advice for that particular card, you could possibly turn an ordinary week into a fantastic week!
Please remember there is no right or wrong it is wherever your gaze takes you.

If your gaze lingers on:
Card one
Knight of Cups
you will be advancing towards your goals. Expect positive changes because things are looking up.
Leave your home environment and accept invitations and proposals, because things are looking up.
Follow your hunches, you are on the money this week!

Card two:
knight of wands
Persevere inspite of the trials you have to endure and don’t try to force situations or results because that will cause frustration or make matters worse.
A negative situation will end and a positive situation will begin

Card three:
Two of cups
you will acquire considerable help from others and attain some achievements on your own,

interestingly enough whilst life is ok your Unionor coming together may not come about at this time…but other areas of your life will be supported
Love and light



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