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Free Tarot Reading 1 June to 7 June 2015

It’s that time of the week when you need to centre yourself and see which Tarot card you are drawn to. By adhering to the advice of spirit, you may make an ordinary week a more fulfilling one at that.

Centre yourself and get ready for your weekly free Tarot Reading. Quietly breathing in and out, look at the picture below and see which one of the three Tarot cards you are drawn to. Remember you can only choose one of the Tarot Cards to get your message for this week. Only one message from spirit will apply to you!

Once you have chosen your card, read the prediction below that goes with the card you chose to see what this week will hold for you.

Choose the Tarot Card you are drawn to


Which Tarot Card are you drawn to?

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 1

Eight of Cups
Whether you see it or not, you’ve been given the opportunity to rise above your instinctive or habitual response mechanism. If you make a conscious attempt to do so, they will lose their grip on you.

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 2

Queen of wands
You will have good luck in metaphysical pursuits, mending hurt feelings and attracting romance.

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 3

Knight of cups
Leave your home environment and accept invitations or proposals because they will pan out later. Also make a decision about what you want and don’t allow others to pressure you. Follow your hunches.

I hope you have a great week, as I hope that spirit’s advice you have read here helps to make every day a little bit easier for you.

If there is something you need more clarification on or if you would like a more personalised Tarot reading, please call me on 0412421135.

Remember that I’m available seven days a week for psychic phone readings. I am always here for you!

Psychic Greetings
Love and Light
Your True Clairvoyant


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