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Free Tarot Reading 2 February to 8 February 2015

It’s that time of the week where you need to centre yourself and see which card you are drawn to. By heeding the advice of spirit you may just get more positive vibes from your week ahead.

Centre yourself and get ready for your weekly free Tarot Reading. Quietly breathing in and out, look at the picture below and see which Tarot card you are drawn to. Remember you can only choose one of the Tarot Cards in order to get your message for this week.

Once you have chosen your card, read the prediction below that has to do with that card to see what the week ahead will hold for you.

Choose the Tarot Card you are drawn to


Which Tarot Card are you drawn to?

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 1

5 of Swords

The outcome will be of conquest and defeat. You will succeed in some areas but not in others. While you may get what you want, it may not be in the way you want it.

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 2

Unfortunately your work alienates you from social involvement. However, rise above your emotional limitations by remembering God is your source and works through many channels and in many ways. Open your mind to the possibility of a new beginning.

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 3

This week things are going to work out better than you anticipated; an unexpected twist of fate will be the turning point for you in the attainment of a goal.

I hope you have a wonderful week. If there is something you need more clarification on or if you would like a more personalised Tarot reading with a broader scope just for you, please call me. Remember if you haven’t yet, you should have your yearly Tarot spread done to help you navigate the rest of your year.

I’m available seven days a week for psychic phone readings.

Psychic Greetings
Love and Light
Your True Clairvoyant


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