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Free Tarot Reading 6 July to 12 July 2015

It’s that time of the week when you need to centre yourself and see which Tarot card you are drawn to. Each card represents some significant aspect of your week. By adhering to the advice of spirit, you could turn an ordinary week into an extraordinary one.

Centre yourself and get ready for your weekly free Tarot Reading. Quietly breathing in and out, look at the picture below and see on which card your gaze lingers. Each card has a symbolic or spiritual meaning for the week ahead.

Remember you can only choose one of the Tarot Cards to get your message for this week. Only one message from spirit will apply to you!

Once you find which card your gaze lingers on, read the prediction below that goes with the card you chose to see what this week will hold for you.

Choose the Tarot Card your gaze is transfixed on


Which Tarot Card are you drawn to?

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 1

Four of Swords
Pray and ask for what is rightfully yours and continue to apply yourself to the work at hand.

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 2

The Moon
Change will bring a new perspective and a new you. By putting your pessimism or insecurities behind you, you become a much stronger and happier person.

If you are drawn to Tarot Card 3

Two of Swords
Some success will be attained but some obstacles will still remain. Hang in there!

I hope you have a great week, as I hope that spirit’s advice you received from your specific Tarot card helps to make it a really good one for you.

Remember that I’m available seven days a week for psychic phone readings. I am always here for you!

Psychic Greetings
Love and Light
Your True Clairvoyant


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