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hello as a phone psychic I like to give back to you, my clients, by providing you with a FREE TAROT READING.
In the Free Tarot Card Reading you can take a sneaky view of will take place in your coming week…pls note in order to get the most from this reading, it is important you quietly focus on the three cards below, taking a quiet breath as you find yourself drawn to one of them.
Please note there is no right or wrong, but you can only be drawn to one of the tarot cards. Once you have chosen one of the cards
you can read below what may happen to you this week.
If you are drawn to:
Tarot Card One
ten of pentacles
you will be caught of guard by a unexpected event,confrontation
or petty argument elicited by anothe, which may throw you of guard. This could be the result of a personality clash or misunderstanding.
Tarot Card Two
knight of cups
you will be surprised by a sudden flirtation, or a very strong attraction to someone quite lovely ….
Tarot card Three
Ace of Swords
A declaration of love is on the offer….it is a most exciting time for you
interestingly enough two of the cards pertain to love and a feeling of a strong attraction to the opposite sex….and its Valentine this week, so all in all this will be a time when love, relationships and strong attraction will prevail ..
….enjoy and let me know if something wonderful develops over the next week for you….please note with card two…there is a strong attraction to someone…with card three…a strong message of love will be coming your way….
hope your week is great
love and light



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