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Free weekly reading 11/10/2015

Free weekly reading 11/10/2015
Hello it’s that time of the week when you need to centre yourself and see which card you are drawn to, each card will have a special significance for you and spirit will advice you on how best to tackle your week so you can get the most out of your week.
If you are drawn to:
Card one
Eight of pentacles
Don’t try to force issues, but rather wait for things to change for the better. This not a time to assert yourself. If you try you won’t get what you are after. If you sit tight, you will gain considerable help or means.
Card two
The high priestess
Help will come if you need it, and things are going to turn out quite differently to what you anticipated, but even so a wonderful surprise is in store for you
Card three
Wait for new ideas to develop, and in the meantime do something pleasurable. Whatever needs to be done needs to be done alone ..
Hope your week is great
Love and light


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