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Hello as a phone psychic I like to give back to you, my clients, by providing you with a FREE TAROT READING.
In the Free Tarot Card Reading you can take a sneaky view of will take place in your coming week…pls note in order to get the most from this reading, it is important you quietly focus on the three cards below, taking a quiet breath as you find yourself drawn to one of them.
Please note there is no right or wrong, but you can only be drawn to one of the tarot cards. Once you have chosen one of the cards
you can read below what may happen to you this week.
If you are drawn to
Card one
Nine of swords
You have been subject to prolonged periods of depression, and are not happy with your present situatio, and want for things to turn out better than they have been
Card two
7 of pentacles
you want to make more money, or move onto something else entirely, for things are not moving ahead for you as quickly as you would like
Card three:
3 of swords
you will want your lover to come back, looking for someone new seems to exhausting for you at the present time…better the devil you know…

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