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Free weekly reading for Jan 11, 2016

hello it’s that time of the week when you can enlist the help of spirit to guide you into what’s in store for you in the coming week. Please take time to sit quietly and give some focus to the cards in front of you, take a moment to see which one you are drawn to, please note there is no right or wrong, you will know quite quickly which card you are drawn to, each card will represent some aspect
of what is going on in your life, hidden in each card is a message from spirit, by adhering to the advice of spirit you can turn a fairly average week into a more fulfilling week…here we go
If you are drawn to :
card one:
problems will be resolved one by one, and a turbulent time is coming to an end
Card two
page of cups
Clearly define what it us you want to accomplish, and if you need assistance go ahead and ask for it…
this card is also about some wish you may want, please wait as it will take a little longer to materialise
Card three
8 of cups
your loved one has gone into his cave, give him time and he will come back bigger and stronger than before….he needs time to reflect
hope you have a great week
love and light



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