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Free Weekly Reading for September 12th, 2015

Hi there it’s that time of the week when you need to centre yourself and see which card you are drawn to, by heeding the advice of spirit you can turn an ordinary or very challenging week into a more prosperous and fulfilling week.

If you are drawn to:


Card one:
Wheel of fortune
what’s happening in your life will soon turn into something much better. Get ready for a new way of life because one is about to commence. So if you are still where you were you are going to miss the turn of fortune that fate has in store for you

Card two:
Follow your hunches, for you’re right on the money, if your instinct tells you not to do it…then don’t

Card three:
Two of pentacle a
Trying to take on too many things at once is taking its toll. You are spreading yourself too thin. All is going out and nothing is coming back in ….

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Love and light


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