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Free Weekly Reading, for week beginning 1/02/2016

As an online phone psychic I like to give back to my clients by giving them a Free Weekly Reading…
Please look at the three tarot cards below, and tell me which card you are drawn to, please note there is no right or wrong, and usually it is the first card that you are drawn to which is right or applicable for you for this week.
Each of the tarot card holds a special significance or message for you in some way, so please take a quiet moment to breathe in and out, whilst your gaze is transported to one of the cards…and let’s see what special message spirit has for you..
if you are drawn to :
card one
nine of cups
this week you grateful for the material comforts that you have…
thus week your wish will be realised, esp after you thought it would not, and the form or way in which it will be fulfilled may not be in the way you want it but it does not matter a wish will still be granted…
card two
three of pentacles
this week you may have to revamp, redirect, or make some alterations in your work or plans…pls note the change or sacrifice will be worth it…
card three
two of pentacles
trying to take on more than you can handle may take its toll. You are spreading yourself to thin all is going out and nothing is coming in
hope your week is great
love and light



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