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Free Weekly Reading, week beginning January 21st, 2016

hello it’s that time of the week when you can enlist the help of spirit to guide you into what’s in store for you in the coming week. Please take time to sit quietly and give some focus to the cards in front of you, take a moment to see which one you are drawn to, please note there is no right or wrong, you will know quite quickly which card you are drawn to, each card will represent some aspect
of what is going on in your life, hidden in each card is a message from spirit, by adhering to the advice of spirit you can turn a fairly average week into a more fulfilling week…here we go
If you are drawn to
card one:
Queen of cups
Your message this week might be that people will not get your concept the way you do, but please note you will not be left out in the cold. Someone will come to your aid to utilise your skills or talent.
Card two
The fool
Release wants, cares or worries and LET GO …LET GOD. Don’t hang onto an idea or support system out of fear of failure or loss
Card three
The moon
ok there is no way out…there are unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences, and only when you are willing for things to be a certain way, accept that change is occurring and you are dealing with it, by going through that change, will there be a silver lining at the end of the rainbow
love and light


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