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Full Moon in Libra Tonight, April 11th, 2017

Full Moon

When there is a full moon in Libra, it is always said – show compassion and put yourself in other people’s shoes.


Many of my articles in previous months have been about setting goals for oneself, and powering on in life with oneself mainly in mind. This full moon asks you to step outside the old box and consider other people, show some compassion and maybe, see the point of view of other people. This is the time to be more considerate and remember that man is not an island. Think about how can you be of service to others and how you can benefit them?


In order to do this, we all need to show compassion and love from a place of purity and authenticity. The April full moon is guiding us for getting to know ourselves a little more, slow down and take time to reflect on the bigger picture. A beautiful way we can do this is to stop and hear what other members of the family are trying to say, maybe their point of view is as valid as ours.


When I think of the words relating to Libra…this is what comes to my mind.


    • Forgiving oneself and others


    • Loving oneself


    • Beautifying ones home


    • Creating a peaceful sanctuary for oneself


    • Acting with fairness, compromise and honesty


    • Restoring balance and peace


The full moon in Libra may ask us to be fair and compromising, but with the backward motion of the planet Venus, we are still feeling like we need to be heard in a relationship setting. The real test will lie in being heard, as well as, seeing the other persons point. If we can do this, we are progressively moving towards becoming the real, authentic person we need to be. How exhilarating would this feeling be when we are able to be heard, besides understanding the other person’s point of view … fairness….balance….kindness….comprise….


The full moon in Libra also asks us to pay attention to the fact that we may also be over-giving in a bid to win someone’s love or affection. When we buy someone’s love we are not being authentic and more times than not, this person will take advantage of our desperation, and simply take what we offer, without giving anything in return. You may ask why this is happening. The answer is that we are not respecting or falling in love with ourselves, and the universe tests us in a way to demonstrate that we need to set up boundaries and RESPECT ourselves. Hard reality, but this is the truth! So many people will be dealing with this issue as well. Use this time to manifest more self love, to set up more emotional boundaries, so you can attract the real love you deserve….


We need to learn to love ourselves, before someone can love us in return, it really is that simple.


The full moon is a time of release and the two weeks after the full moon is a great time to let go and clear out the things in our lives that are holding us back, whether it be bad thoughts, bad habits or bad people.


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