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Full Moon in Taurus – October 27th, 2015

On the 27th of October we have a full moon in Taurus.

As an online psychic, numerologist and astrologer I absolutely believe that The Moon is a special symbol which we can work with in order to live life  more joyfully and positively.  On the 27 th of October there will be a magical new moon in Taurus, so working under a Taurus theme we welcome and enjoy the magical mystery of this Full Moon in Taurus, by doing and celebrating some Taurus themes
Taurus is a wonderful star sign , it is intelligent, sensual and slow moving star sign…some would say the sign is a lazy sign,  others would say it’s slow moving ways make for an intelligent next strategic move…they don’t like to make mistakes ….for their practical nature does not want them to do it all over again…I tend to opt for the latter….and see the slow moving Taurus as a slow mover, but a smart thinker…

As the full moon is in this very dependable, enjoyable and sensual star sign, spiritually it would be a good idea to explore and practice some Taurus activities on that day when the moon is lovely and full

I am searching my mind and asking myself what are some activities that Taurus people like to undertake.  As Taurus is an earth sign they love to be out in nature…could you and a loved one take a picnic on that day, remember to take with you some lovely, appetising food…my picnic hamper would definitely compromise of red wine, beautiful vintage cheeses and chocolates to share…what a Taurus/sensual way of spending the day.

Make you spend the 27th of this month in some very pleasurable pursuits, for we all know Taurus is ruled by Venus.  Taurus is an earth sign and needs to feel hat connection to Mother Earth. What about a walk in a park, if it is a beautiful day….go barefoot and really feel the connection to our great land. It will leave feeling totally alive yet relaxed awakening your base chakra, giving you a feeling of being grounded, connected and invigorated.

This Taurus moon is sensual, so sensuality will prevail…maybe a romantic dinner with someone special….will you cook something delightful or will you eat out at a favourite restaurant, making a special effort to gaze out, out of the moon at any given time that night.

Other ways you could celebrate this full moon is to sit at home lighting some candles and listening to some soothing music, or maybe take a bath enriched with bath salts and calming essential oils, this will in some way help you celebrate the full moon and make the next thirty days a memorable time for you.  One of my friends is planning on spending her time with her pet sitting on the couch reading a good book….how so very Taurus I might say…

Whatever sensual way you plan to spend this time make a wish of how you would like the next 30 days pan out for you and at the same time let go of something that no longer has purpose in your life

Taurus full moon I welcome you



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