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Get Ready for 2015 by Knowing your Personal Year Number

2015 is Starting Right Now!


Did you know that, according to the ancient wisdom of Numerology, the effects and undertones of what the next year will hold for you, can already be felt in October of the previous year? And since it’s already October 2014, this may be a good time to look at some of what Numerology says 2015 will hold for you.

How to determine your Personal Year Number

Your personal year will give you the best indication of when you should start a new project, when you may be likely to meet someone new, when you will appear to be more social or even when you may be likely to move.

If you want a peek at what 2015 will hold for you, you should start by determining what your Personal Year Number for 2015 will be.

Add your day + month+ 2015 and bring it down to a single digit, for example if you were born on the 18/12/1967 then this is how you would work it out:


In our example, this person’s vibration for 2015 will be a year 2 vibration.

Interpretation of your 2015 Personal Year Number

While your Personal Year Number can tell a bit about what 2015 will hold for you, you have to remember that each successive number represents another dimension of the life process. In their totality, numbers cover the entire spectrum of human experiences within the life cycle of man.

Let’s look at each individual Personal Year Number to see what you may experience. For each number, I’m highlighting both positive and negative aspects. In future articles, I will go into these in more depth.

Year One Personal Year Number

Positive: independence, initiative, decisiveness
Negative: selfishness, egotism, loneliness

Year Two Personal Year Number

Positive: union, partnership, details
Negative: depression, over sensitivity, pettiness

Year Three Personal Year Number

Positive: communication, beauty, social activity
Negative: scattered energy, vanity, extravagance

Year Four Personal Year Number

Positive: routine, structure, security
Negative: inflexibility, narrow mindedness, overwork or laziness

Year Five Personal Year Number

Positive: freedom, change, physical senses
Negative: overindulgence, irresponsibility, recklessness

Year Six Personal Year Number

Positive: responsibility, domesticity, service to others
Negative: stubbornness, meddlesome, worry

Year Seven Personal Year Number

Positive: wisdom, specialisation, research
Negative: aloofness, escapism, withdrawal

Year Eight Personal Year Number

Positive: executive ability, big business, organisation
Negative: greed, misuse of authority, poor judgement

Year Nine Personal Year Number

Positive: humanitarian, universality, charisma
Negative: possessiveness, jealousy, over emotionalism

Remember that no number is completely good or bad. It is simply an experience of that vibration. It is up to you to choose if you want to embrace either the good or the bad part of the numerical essence.

The aim is always to work with the positive.

With all things spiritual, life will throw you whatever lessons you need at certain times of your life. This is for your personal development. It is how you handle these experiences or situations that will ultimately lead you to living life in a positive or negative way.

For a more complete psychic reading for yourself or if you would like to know more about what 2015 has for you, don’t hesitate to give me a call.


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