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Get the most out of your week by doing my Free Weekly Reading 8/11/2015

It’s that time of the week when you need to centre yourself and see which tarot card you are drawn to, one  of these tarot cards has a special significance for you, and by adhering to the advice of spirit you could possibly turn an ordinary week into a more fulfilling week…

So take a moment to centre yourself, and see which of the three tarot cards you are drawn to, remember you can only be drawn to one….usually it’s the first one you see.

Spirit has some very special advice for you, and by adhering to this advice you can turn a very ordinary week into a more fulfilling and fruitful week for yourself!

Good luck!

If you are drawn to:
Card one:
Ten of swords
Don’t give up on yourself or another, or consider the situation hopeless.
Come to terms with what is, but turn away from negative thoughts, patterns or habits and look for alternatives.  Learn to have more faith in that which you can’t see, and your attitude will change, which in turn will change your situation

Card two:
Page of cups
You wanted an answer to something you were seeking, so keep on the lookout for this
Wonderful opportunity that comes your way
The time is ripe for you to clearly define what you want or hope to accomplish, and if you can’t get it by yourself or do it alone, than ask for assistance
Your wish is only starting to formulate so be patient

Card three
Another really positive card spiritual help, intervention and assistance is coming your way.  Success will certainly be yours, you are in a position of strength, so don’t be fearful.
You will overcome all obstacles, and nothing will keep you advancing towards your goals
Because you have the kind of inner fortitude that nothing can defeat

Hopefully this will help you, however if you require more insight please call me for a online phone reading.

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Love and light


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