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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Find Out What December 2016 Has in Store for You


While for the rest, December is a month where things come to an end, it is the time of new beginnings for Sagittarians (November 23rd to December 21st). Whether you are a November or a December born Sagittarius, all eyes will be on you this month. This is your time to shine and strut around like you own the place as a bundle of planets in your sign gives you power and charm. The hardworking Saturn has been touring your sign, which means you will get credit for all the work you have done and accomplished last month.

Your lucky dates for the month: 3, 6, 9, 24 and 27
Your unlucky dates for the month: 28 and 29
Your best friend: Aries
Your friend-turned-enemy: Virgo



Have you been thinking of starting a business of your own? Now might be a good time to materialize your ideas and thoughts. December 2016 is going to be a successful time for entrepreneurial enterprises. But, you have to keep a check on how far you are willing to go. There is a chance that you might try to do things that stretch beyond your competence. If you are not able to achieve the desired results the first time around, learn from the mistakes and try again, irrespective of the circumstances. You are going to taste success, eventually.
If you are working under someone, this is going to be a particularly busy time for you. You need to slow down your pace of work and breathe. Do not try to take on too much on your plate.

Love & Relationship


Brace yourself as the December of 2016 brings a lot of experience for you. You need to approach every experience patiently and without excessive emotional outbursts. Be careful on the 13th as the Full Moon may bring about a significant change in a relationship. It may be the end of a partnership or the few that follow. If you suddenly arrive at a conclusion that you are miserable in your current relationship, do not rush things to break it off. Take your time to analyze the situation and your feelings. In the case of your relationship, avoid asking advice from friends and well-wishers as they might provide you with half the information necessary, leading to added trouble and confusion. Whether you want to end or start a relationship, you need to be more attentive about your surroundings before arriving at a decision. In the unfortunate event that your present relationship comes to an end, do not mourn that the liaison came to an end. An ending may be healthy and beneficial for you in the long run.

Traveling is in the Cards


The reassuring and positive energy of Jupiter in your 11th house, ushers in a new hope of friendships, love and experiences. You can look forward to a much-needed break, somewhere outside the town. Traveling is going to do you a lot of good. So, start packing your bags and be on your way.

With the exception of a friend turning foe, December looks like a terrific time for you. With every end, there will be a new beginning. You can look forward to zooming into 2017 with a lot of positivity and laughter.


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