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How do Tarot Cards work in a reading?

As a online phone psychic I use Tarot Cards as a tool to predict event sir receive guidance in both the inner and the outer world of the reader.

Every tarot deck consists of seventy eight cards.  Not all the decks are alike, but all three decks have three basic principles in common, even though the cards, symbols and interpretations may vary.
1. Each deck is illustrated with symbols that depict experiences we have had or will have at one time or another.
2. Each deck has two main sections: the major and minor arcana.  The minor arcana  is further divided into numbered cards and what is commonly referred to as the court arcana
3. Each deck contains four suits: wands, cups, swords and pentacles.

Traditionally the major arcana depicts the greater events in our lives and the minor arcana depict the more mundane events in our lives.

No one is exactly sure how the Tarot Cards originated, but it’s widely believed that the ancient Egyptians masons developed them as a means of charting their important physical and transformational discoveries.

Think of the tarot cards as a story conveyed in pictures.  I have used the Raider Waite deck to work with, with my clients, and the results can be extraordinary in conveying accurate depiction of the future.  The cards are not magical, occult or evil.  They have no inherent powers of their own.  Since Tarot decks and books are chosen because you identify with them or they strike a chord within you, you empower them with your beliefs, attitudes, and personality and by your level of growth or understanding at the time you choose them.



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