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How to Judge if you have Psychic Powers?

At one point in life or other, all of us feel that we have psychic powers. You must have watched movies or read books where people sport metaphysical powers and offer phone psychic readings Australia. But, the question remains, how do you know that you are gifted with psychic abilities?



Do you have Higher Intelligence?


We know that most people have psychic powers. But, some people have more powers than others. They have higher intelligence than others right from their birth. They also have higher sense perception. Some, however, develop their skills through practice and meditation.


Let us imagine that you are sitting on a chair devotedly doing some work. Suddenly, you feel that a furry animal walked across your legs. It means that you felt the presence of an external energy close to you. This shows that at that point of time your higher intelligence was at work.


You must have encountered strange visions or feelings and concluded them to be mere imagination at play. At such times, you should stop thinking and verify whether you were really imagining or whether the feeling came from nowhere. When you are seeing extra-physical things or feeling them, your mind should be in a completely passive state. It should be ready to receive any signal it gets from the other world. However, make sure that your expectation or will power does not interfere into your mind’s platform.


Questions to realize if you do have psychic powers


Those who offer phone psychic readings Australia often experience a tiring feeling or get premonitions. Such people hone their skills to help others find a meaning to their lives. If you want to know about your psychic abilities, you can check out the following questions.


  • Did you ever feel that something was going to happen to someone and it really happened after sometime?


  • After meeting a person did you suddenly crave for a good sleep?
  • Have you ever woken up from a dream, feeling an extra-physical experience?
  • Did you reach a friend’s home all happy and fresh and then all of sudden felt tired?
  • Have you had a flash vision of dead people?
  • Did you ever feel that there was an external energy around you?
  • Can you foresee future?
  • Do your intuitions work? How frequently do they occur?
  • When going off to sleep or waking up, have you experienced constant vibration in your body?
  • Have you ever recollected incidents from a past life?


See how many times you said yes. The more positive answers you give, the higher is your intuitive ability.


Are you really interested in this topic? Curiosity and dedication are major factors for developing any skill. They stand true even for improving psychic abilities. Your interest is a sign that you have had psychic experiences and you want to know more about them.


If you want to develop your metaphysical powers and successfully offer phone psychic readings Australia, you can meditate and improve your skills.



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