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Are you Worried How to tell if a Psychic is Real? 7 Effective Tips to Sort out your Problems

You are eager to know about your professional prospects and you want to approach a psychic. However, you may be surprised to learn that four out of five psychics offer fake service. Now, you must be wondering how to tell if a psychic is real or fake. This blog offers you some useful tips to differentiate between fake and authentic psychics.

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Let us see how to tell if a psychic is real or fake

  • An authentic psychic does not ask you about your nationality or your age. But, a fake reader tries to assess your lifestyle from this type of information. He or she then uses common perspective to offer you information about your education and social status. Unfortunately, many people fall prey to such readings from fake artists.

  • When you opt for phone psychic reading, a true psychic should be able to tell you something related to your personal life. This can take away your worry of how to tell if a psychic is real. He or she can easily tell about your present life circumstances at the very beginning of the reading. A fake artist on the other hand asks you questions pertaining to your life. Such psychic readers ask about your date of birth, time of birth and other relevant information.

  • A real psychic never divulges the names of his or her clients unless the latter allows. In that case, the client himself or herself may name the reader in an interview. Therefore, if a psychic claims that he or she has read for so and so celebrity, the person is undoubtedly a fraud.



The website test can be very effective in this matter. If a psychic has read for famous personalities, at least one of his or her clients is going to offer testimonials. The image gallery too is bound to have pictures of the personality with the psychic. In the event that you do not find any client testimonial or relevant images on the website, you can be sure that the psychic is a fake.

  • A real psychic reader offering phone psychic reading never promises to help you bag a job with a spell. Is your psychic asking you to buy votive candles and strings from his or her site? Trust me. This is proof that the psychic reader is only interested to earn money.

  • An authentic psychic never scares his or her clients. In the event that a psychic reader tells you that your daughter is cursed and will never have a happy married life, you are being fooled. Fear is the greatest advantage of a person trying to fleece money from his or her victims.

  • Does you psychic offer you exact reading? Congratulations! You have an authentic reader. But, if the reading is not specific, beware. For instance, the psychic reader tells you that you are about to meet a new person. Now, this is vague as we meet new people almost everyday. This can be especially true for people who commute by public transport.

I hope the above mentioned tips can help you before you opt for phone psychic reading.  Take note of them and successfully identify a real psychic reader.


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