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How will Your Career or Business Do in 2015?

2015 is a universal number 8, which is the number for prosperity, abundance and manifestation.


This is the year you take your business or career to another level, as you are more driven and competitive and stronger than you have ever been before. I imagine there will be many a moment sitting around with loved ones or friends discussing business and money making schemes. These will further enhance your life so you are able to buy that dream house, car or go on that dream vacation.

In 2015 you are driven to make your dreams a reality

You’re driven to make your dreams a reality. Don’t you just love the focus, determination and the drive you suddenly have this year? It’s within all of us but we are all tackling it in different ways; possibly because we are all going through different year numbers.

Universal year 8 helps you manifest success and prosperity

Please read on to see where you, your business and career goals and dreams will go this year. One thing I do know is, because we are universally under the year 8 =2015, more and more people are going to come into alignment with their purpose and will be able to more successfully manifest success and prosperity.

As the numerological 8 is ruled by the astrological house of Saturn, Capricorns and Aquarians will feel quite at home during these next 12 months.

Please note that every person will feel the 8 vibration differently this year. This is because everyone’s personal year number will be different.

What is your personal year number?

Each person will be going through a year which correlates to numbers 1-9, so they will tackle the way they gain their success in different ways.

If you don’t know which personal year number you are in or how to calculate it, read here for instructions.

What your personal year number says about your business or career for the coming year

Year one:

You may start a whole new business or career path this year. Your power of initiative, ideas and courage are quite strong now.

Year two:

You may have started a business last year, so you’re quietly and patiently tackling through it, refining all the little details which need to be attended to. Co-operation, patience and tact are very much needed to make this a successful year.


Year three:

There is a lot of luck associated with this year. It’s a year of expansion, mental energy and short journeys, with lots of socialising in between. A highly successful business year if you remain focused along the way.

Year four:

This year can be a little tougher in getting there but somehow you do. Although you don’t have the same luck as you had in year three, your slow plodding ways will definitely lay the groundwork for your future. Remember it will be a year of extra responsibilities and there will be some days where you will want to give it all away. Don’t! If you hang in there next year looks so much brighter and more expansive.

Year five:

You take risks now. These are calculated risks that really could benefit your business and take it to a whole other level. If on the other hand things have not worked out, you may contemplate moving the direction of the business in a totally different way. This will require courage and a leap of faith but you are feeling strong this year, so go ahead.

Year six:

I have always liked this year for business. Somehow the whole community wants your business in the midst of family and domestic concerns. Good luck, its a busy year! So many demands but so many rewards as well!

Year seven:

Business may not be as busy this year and that’s okay. Remember not to push it so much if business becomes slower – it’s meant to, for you are meant to focus on your inner YOU. A strange year but worth the ride if you are willing to let go and allow the universe to gently lift and guide you.

Year eight:

This is the year of manifestation, achievement, abundance and prosperity. But remember this is a year of karma and if you have not been so honest in your previous dealings, karma may pay you a visit – so be prepared! But if on the other hand you have worked hard, honestly and diligently, the world is your oyster this year.

Year nine:

This is the year that your long awaited dream could be fulfilled or it could be the year you let go of something because it just was not worth the effort. You tried and tried and now it’s time to let go, or rejoice in the rewards of hard work, dedication and good business acumen.

If you would like a further, more specific reading on your business or career path this year, please do not hesitate to call me. I am always available by phone.


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