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I Love Numbers


In my phone psychic readings I use a number of tools to obtain accurate predictions and one of them is numerology where everything is about numbers. It is difficult to imagine life without numbers. They play such an important part in every aspect of our lives in every way.


The quality of a number or a group of numbers in a birth-date creates a visible force or vibration, similar to the unseen units of electricity. We cannot see this vibration, but we experience its manifestations in our everyday lives. That is why; I use numerology in my online phone readings.


Just like you cannot see the electric current flowing through the wires after switching on a light, seeing the force created by the numbers in a birth-date is also not possible. Yet, the vibratory force of these numbers manifests in the personality of the person. So, how can I not incorporate this psychic medium in psychic readings?


A birth-date can show more than personality traits. The ability to cope in the world, career potential, face health difficulties, childhood problems and much more is also evident. Numerology is the study of a person’s birth-date, done in order to reach a greater understanding of that person. It is an ancient science, which adapts perfectly to our Aquarians’ age. That is why, it is important that all online phone psychics obtain knowledge of this ancient wisdom.


Numerology is only one of the sciences used by the sages of the ancient times because each number has a quality and a vibration quite apart from a quantity. It really does adapt perfectly to our new age. Several thousands of years before the birth of Christ, the Chinese used the philosophical concepts of numbers as part of the I CHING. In fact, much of the philosophy of Confucius stems from this origin and so does the Taoist religion. The Jews also used a mystical system of numbers as part of the Kabbalah, and much of this knowledge forms the wisdom of the major arcana in tarot today.


The study of numerology will make us more aware of ourselves – how we integrate with other people and with the society at large. It is truly fascinating to see how our unique numbers set up our blue print for the type of life we will lead in this world, the talents and abilities with which we were born, as well as, the negative qualities and lessons we are here to learn, all of which form a blueprint making us so unique to the next person beside us. So, as psychic phone readers, it is vital that we learn this psychic phenomena and impart this knowledge to our clients.



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