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I Love Numerology…especially the Year 7…

Never underestimate the power of numbers, numbers are powerful and full of significance and hidden meaning.

To get a basic grounding in the number meanings, let’s take a look at the way numbers evolve from 1 through to 9.
We begin with 1, an idea that grows in a predictable, step by step progression
Number 2 symbolises that idea reaching out, being received by others for inspection and approval.
Number 3 brings the ideas to others for inspection and approval.
Number 4 brings the idea to practical application and corrects impracticalities
Number 5 adds promotion and exposure to public opinion.  Five the central number opens the door of unexpected pluses and minuses.  Here the idea makes the idea from an individual concept to a community awareness
Number 6 is the symbol of group participation and community responsibility .  It broadens the concept to serve a larger purpose.
Number 7 is the symbol of debugging, questioning , and perfecting the idea technically until it can be brought to a major material result
Number 8 stands for stamina, mental and physical organisation, and practical power.  It brings body, mind and spirit together to produce tangible results .  Ideas come to form through the planning, working, and structure applied during the influence of the number 8
Number 9 polishes, develops the skills necessary to bring the idea to the broad market place, and concludes the process
This process relates to everything we do.  Ambitions grow through the activities or experiences indicated by the number meanings.  The stages of growth during the nine months are a primal example of the evolution of the numbers 1 through to 9.  The birth if a child begins a new life a few days after the conclusion of the nine month.  The pregnancy ended in a number 9 month, nine the number of endings.  Life begins in a number 1 , the number of beginnings.
All the numbers are beautiful and significant but let’s take a closer look at the number 7.  Remember year 7 indicates the year of be bugging and questioning.  It slows down commercial ambition and drains physical ambition and stamina .  The spouse is left with time to reflect, analyse and mature.  The seventh year dims fantasies with logic, which sparks an inner search for practical perfection.  Since nothing is perfect, one is always disillusioned and disappointed.  It is the year seven when many problems appear in a marriage…for the spouse is introverted, analytical and uncomfortable.  Please note lovers should not seek to make any formal conclusions after the eight year, with its practical, material, problem solving process that integrates work, commerce and common sense.  People who take time to sort out individual priorities and don’t consult a lawyer use the seventh year to redefine their personal identity.  Even though they may want out of a relationship or marriage…the idea is not to do anything just yet…because they may just be tired of THEMSELVES and where they are at in life…so stay strong and focused and make a decision in the eighth year…your sense of judgement is far more real and practical then




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