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If You are a 3 in Numerology or Born on a 3 Day

How charismatic are you, born on a 3 day!


If you add up to a 3 in Numerology or you were born on a 3 day, you have an affinity with those born in the sign of Sagittarius. It’s like you have known them a lifetime.

There is a wealth of contradiction in your personality. On the one hand you are a good teacher, instructor and possess leadership qualities. You can be honest, straightforward, as well as helpful to those who have lost their way. On the other hand you can be dictatorial, inconsiderate and lazy.

You have this ability or charm to get people to do what you want.

Number 3, you are a charmer

If your numerology adds up to a number 3 or your were born on a 3 day, you like things done your way. You can be impatient with those around you, as you are a perfectionist at times. Fortunately you have a natural way with words and can impress those around you quite easily.

It’s not all an easy ride for the number 3 but you are a survivor

Tests, trials and tribulations are all indicated by the number 3 but if you have faith and an inner power you will pass your tests and grow accordingly.

When the chips are down, when your back is against a wall or even when you are in a gutter, your prayers are answered. You are a survivor in the game if life – and survive you will!

There will be a few involvements with the legal system in your life – with lawyers and the court of law.

Although you are extremely optimistic on life not everything will come out smelling roses all the time.

When things go wrong, they usually go wrong in a big way for the number 3. Nonetheless you still manage to come out amazingly well. I absolutely love your tenacity and good fortune.

Romance and adventure are necessary as you possess a sociable and pleasure loving disposition in life.

Luck is on your side, number 3

Your number is linked to the word luck and although you won’t see it as luck others will envy your disposition. Others will possibly envy you for having accomplished so much and without effort, or so it appears, as the outside world seems to think you can accomplish and achieve anything you want in life.

Your life will never be static so do not cling to outworn ideas, values or principles; it will be destructive. Your life will always change course every few years so go with it. Your next phase will always be better than the last.

Love and light
Your True Clairvoyant


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