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It’s Mercury Retrograde Time Again!

Mercury Retrograde from 18 May until 11 June

Mercury has been retrograde in Gemini from May 18th and this will last until June 11, 2015. I will probably say what many astrologers say; along with the communication problems it’s probably a good time to sit and ponder, revise and reassess situations. This is because more than likely the direction they take on from June 11 will be totally different from what it is today.

Mercury Retrograde occurs in Gemini

Please note when Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, you can expect problems with communication and electronics.

Gemini is the house of communication. This means that all communications will be vague and unclear and without real direction or truth. Please be aware that there may be greater misunderstandings than usual so maybe let confronting situations go, as things will have a strange way of sorting themselves out from the 11th of June.

Gemini rules computers, so watch for computer glitches everywhere. This will also be the case with other electronic equipment.

Slow down and go with the flow

I feel that many plans and ambitions will be put on the back burner. So just flow with the idea that things may stall until June 11.

It’s simply one of those times where we need to trust in the universe as life may steer off its course for a short while whilst you reflect, revise and regroup.

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