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Know What it Means to be Born on November 23

Being born on 23rd November makes you a Sagittarius. As you are governed by the Archer, you are well-endowed with the honest directness of this zodiac sign, along with incredible inquisitiveness, sense of independence and an urge to seek adventure. While you revel in defying the status quo, you have a strong moral conscious. You are able to see through the hypocrisy of those around you and expose their flaws. You are born with a talent for uncovering the truth and adept at understanding people, and situations with great ease. You are great with words, quick-witted and have a thirst for knowledge that will take you places. It is likely for you to possess musical or artistic talents.




Signs and Symbols


Sun Sign – Sagittarius
Ruling Planet – Jupiter, the Philosopher
Symbol – Archer
Birth Date Ruler – Mercury, the communicator
Tarot Card – The Hierophant (guidance)
Lucky Numbers – 5 and 7
Lucky Days – Thursday and Wednesday
Lucky Colors – Purple and Grey
Birthstone – Turquoise
Compatibility with Sun Signs – Compatible with Aries, not compatible with Gemini


Love Relationships


When it comes to romantic love, you are an idealist. More often than not, you are likely to experience disappointments in your relationships because the people you are attracted with, may not share your need for honesty or live up to your high expectations.




According to you, a loving relationship is a mixture of honesty, friendship and an intense emotional bond. When in a relationship, you will work with your partner toward a lifelong commitment. As you are free-spirited and sociable in nature, you will need a partner willing to take part in your whims. Finding a partner is not a difficult task for you as you are extremely charming and seductive, and can sweet-talk even the most unlikely of people to be in a relationship with you.


Finance and Work


You are born with an enterprising spirit and the qualities of a leader. You are always on the lookout for jobs that excite and challenge you. You love dealing with a large number of people. Other career choices based on your birth date are writing, education, politics, law or becoming a part of the world of entertainment, especially acting or music.


Even though you prefer leading a comfortable lifestyle, you are not particularly concerned with financial security. You need to budget and put together a savings plan to keep your personal finances stable.




Winters are not a great time for your skin. You are likely to suffer from allergies and a sensitive skin. You should spend more time outdoors in the fresh air and practice gentle breathing exercises. You may experience bouts of depression and loneliness, but it will pass just as quickly.


As you are born on 23rd November and are a Sagittarius, you have certain seriously admirable qualities that will take you ahead in life. But, you need to stick to your principles and not let others distract you too much from the path you have set for yourself.



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