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Leo ♌️ February Horoscope

Leo ♌️ February Horoscope
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Financial headaches are possible in February, but it’s not so much about a lack of funds than a sense of confusion around how to juggle them. While Mercury is retrograde from February 16 – March 9, you might experience a hiccup with paperwork connected to an investment, loan, or mortgage. Paperwork might get lost or there could be a temporary delay. Another possibility is that you simply can’t make up your mind about how to pay for a significant expense. Do you take money out of the bank, your retirement plan, or an investment account? Or, do you get a loan instead of using your own money? The answer will come to you after the New Moon on February 23. Be patient.

Emotional needs are out in the open thanks to a brilliant Full Moon in your sign on February 9. You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve during this time and it’s possible that you’ll finally express your emotions for someone without holding back. Your faith in love appears to be restored in February. Beautiful!


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