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Mercury retrograde January 6 ….internal and external storms

So my day started with an email getting lost in transit, my iPad playing up on me, a long time friend returning out of nowhere….ok so my Mercury retrograde begins….my mind is racing ….but my body is not able to keep up, and every time I move forward there is something that blocks me…I am overcome by this natural paralysis which stops all by goals of the day from being achieved….so I talk myself into relaxing and chilling for the next 20 days mmmm….I need to accept that there are going to be delays, slowdowns and misunderstandings.

Mercury retrograde is really a checkpoint, a chance to review if we are really going in the right direction, and re do things we may have missed, or to get rid of what we don’t need in our lives anymore. Often the real stationary days are the most fraught with issues as Mercury slows down to an almost stop, encouraging us to do so too

Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on the 5 th, so initially we are looking at issues connected to groups, friends and the future. Aquarius is about how we connect to the wider world. It’s a fixed sign, cool but friendly. This could be a time when we assess friendships and connections, do I fit in, do I need to go and form other friendships. Humanitarian issues also come to the fore.

This all happens with a conjunction to Pluto ….so some very stormy weather ahead, coupled with an earthquake or two…

Whilst the inner you might be all twisted to coiled up inside there may be some external storms out in the world which may come to our attention. For Pluto is about force, crisis and transformation. Don’t be surprised if the news is full of negative reports of fighting and rioting in which humanity fails to be the enlightened force which brings the world together, but rather the force which tears up and destroys each other with little regard for unity and peace, the concept of brotherhood..

Remember Mars also plays a part in all of this, so don’t be surprised if anger and acts of aggression internal and external are displayed everywhere. Believe me there is a certain intensity to this Mercury retrograde period. Aquarius is normally quite detached but can become rebellious and fixed in opinion when working negatively. In the wider world hostility can abound everywhere.

Mercury will then back up into Capricorn so the emphasis changes from group relations to earthly responsibilities and commitment. Maybe we will be questioning our work, do we know have questions about our careers or ambitions.

The intensity of the retrograde begins to lift as Mercury than tribes the north node on the 14th January . If you have taken some quiet time out, it’s easier to okay attention to those voices that are the compass directing you toward your karmic path. A Tribe to Jupiter on the 15th and a sextile to Chiron on the 19th suggests returning faith and optimism which brings healing.

On the 22nd we can than be challenged again, which may trigger anxiety, shake or thoughts or rock our soul a little .

By the end of the retrograde period, we are likely to feel lighter and clearer in mind, eliminating old attitudes, clearing the storms debris and making way for a better year ahead


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