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Mercury Retrogrades from 21 January to 10 February 2015

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde from 21 January 2015 until 10 February. So for the next three weeks we are in for a bumpy ride as Mercury Retrograde disrupts our communication in every way you can think of.

Mercury Retrograde may let all your communication go haywire


While Mercury goes backward all properties to this planet may go haywire. So the best laid plans can be interrupted on short or even without any notice at all. Traffic, travel, communication, mobile phones and computers can all be a nightmare.

However, that’s not all that can go wrong. If you buy any electrical device it’s more than likely that the device may need to be returned because it’s faulty.

There will be a lot of misplaced communication and many people will be making mistakes which will later need rectifying. And any signing of contracts will probably be renegotiated at a later date!

This week Europe’s head of state will be issuing the great quantitative easing budget. Greece will also be going to the polls. It makes me wonder if everything will run smoothly or whether there will be mishaps, confusion and delays which will later need to be renegotiated.

Cover your tracks and double check the fine print during Mercury Retrograde. Please postpone any major purchases and romantic commitments and be clear and concise with all your communications with others. Say and check things twice if you have to, so the person you are communicating with does not misunderstand what you say, causing trouble and confusion to arise.

This year Mercury will retrograde three times. Make sure to see which HOUSE will give you the most trouble during these times and concentrate on alleviating any incidents or problems which could arise from that HOUSE.

If you would like to know which of your HOUSES it will affect, please call me. I will be happy to help you navigate your way through this Mercury Retrograde.


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