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New Moon in Taurus


We have a new moon in Taurus on Wednesday. Now, everyone must know how excited I get about new moon happenings. Why? It really is the universe’s way of saying, “I support you fully in all your initiatives and endeavours, please proceed to the starting line and away you go!”


Ok, so as the new moon falls in Taurus, please start your auspicious new beginnings in all things Taurus – beauty, comfort, abundance and the things we value in life.


The only point I will make about this new moon is that it takes place during a Mercury retrograde.  And, this is a very important point to consider. We are not really encouraged to start anything new under this phenomenon. So, remember, fools rush in, in this case. We are told to carefully choose what we want to initiate, but any new spiritual awakening and personal development are encouraged and maybe new beginnings that have already started. However, extra refining would be good to do now.


Did you know what things Taurus relate to? The answer is business and money. I would encourage you to manifest a new beginning around career, work, business or money; but do it slowly and carefully, true to the Taurus spirit. Whatever you wish to manifest must be something that you truly value, so that you can persevere nurturing this new thing in the long-term. Ideally, it should be something that brings you comfort and serves as a foundation for future work or growth.


If you wish to set up a shop of some sort, you need to visualise the space – how the space is going to look and start thinking of practical steps to making it happen. Set up a few concrete goals related to this project, and see if any materialise in the coming 28 days, till the new moon, so that you ensure a successful start to the manifestation project, which can take up to  several (Taurus slow) months.


Considering Some Taurus Energies:


  • Learning/teaching and laying foundations for future spiritual development or spiritual business
  • Perseverance until you reach your goals
  • Freedom from debt or codependent behaviour
  • Any new business project that you wish to be successful
  • Very long-term projects and investments

So, have fun manifesting your wishes this new moon, and please incorporate world peace in one of your wishes


God bless





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