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Pisces ♓️ February horoscope

Pisces ♓️ February horoscope
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This may be either a highly inspirational or extremely confusing month for you, Pisces. Most likely, it’ll be a little of both. Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on February 16 and this is where the mental chaos lies. You might come across to others as misinformed, confused, or even elusive, especially to your romantic or business partner. From your perspective, you might simply feel quite frustrated about not being able to make a firm decision because you know there is more information you need first. You might also be prone to believing in your own delusions rather than facing the facts during this time. Do your best to know the difference.

Happily, a New Moon in your sign on February 23 promises a fresh start in your world. This new perspective might be a direct result of the time you spent second-guessing everything. Or, it might be due to the fact that you took a much-needed mental timeout from the world in order to truly see the light.


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