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Reflections on the Relationship between Science and Astrology

What can be better than the scientific community and astrologers ending their differences and collaborating to find out more about the cosmological system, which supports us? Many eminent astrologers are keen to imagine what can happen in future, if such a collaboration becomes possible in reality. If science and astrology can come together, it can be easier for astrologers to establish the truth of their findings and also help believers to reaffirm their faith in astrology.


In this blog, I am going to discuss with you the relationship between science and astrology in the past and in recent times.


Why astrology and science are far apart?


Many distinguished astrological researchers are interested in working together with scientific investigators and medical researchers to find out the truth of many assumptions about astrology. They are of the opinion that, since astrology is still not a part of the curriculum at many universities, several people do not rely on the credibility of the discipline. Astrologers also agree that in reality, hardly any such truth has been provided. This is primarily because in the seventeenth century, scientists had paid more attention to the natural sciences, where breakthroughs came one after another. As a result, mathematical methods that could help in finding out the truth in astrology were not developed.


Can statistics help in proving the truth in astrology?


Members of various astrological associations think that science became capable of studying astrology from the beginning of the twentieth century. The developments in statistical methods made this possible in the not-so-distant past. Many knowledgeable men soon started using their understanding of statistics to study astrology. They came to positive conclusions and those are the ideal evidences that proclaim astrology is real. The academics who are involved in astrological testings use statistical methods in finding out whether astrologers can match individual horoscopes, with individual case histories.


Though it is still an ongoing process, astrologers are continuously gaining success in validating many common tenets of the subject. People who do not believe in the discipline, argue that in astrology, we cannot physically determine how things are working. However, this is not counted as a scientific argument against astrology because scientists too involve in only describing things at times. For instance, we do not how gravitational pull works. There are only mathematical formulae that are used to illustrate how gravity works.


Can genetics be used in proclaiming the truth in astrology?


Some recent speculations suggest that the cosmic conditions at the time of someone’s birth has an effect in getting his or her genes activated. Astrologers argue that an individual’s physical appearance is influenced by astrological factors, whereas genetics claim it is due to the genes. Thus, it is now pertinent for science to do research on whether the differences in astrological charts pave way for the variations in the workings of genes.


These are some of the musings on the relationship between astrology and science. If reading my blog urges you to contemplate on this subject, go ahead and imagine the day when astrology and science would go hand in hand to understand the workings of the universe.



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