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Saturn is Re-Entering our Lives this Week

Saturn, the planet of lessons learnt, will be giving us a stern visit this week. Saturn is here to see if we have been paying attention and to see if the destructive and repetitive patterns associated with this planet exist or not. Saturn has been in Scorpio for the last few years and it has affected us all in some way.


Which areas of our lives will Saturn be testing?

The following is a summary of how Saturn in Scorpio has affected each sign. This week in particular you will possibly be revisiting these areas of your life; that is, I repeat, if the lessons have not been learnt.

Aries: sex and money
Taurus: your love life
Gemini: your day to day affairs
Cancer: your children, creativity and romance
Leo: your home life
Virgo: your communication
Libra: self esteem and finances
Scorpio: your whole life
Sagittarius: breaking through your fears
Capricorn: your goals and aspirations
Aquarius: your profession and your ambitions
Pisces: study and travel

Saturn popped out and now he has returned – just to see if the lessons have been learnt. Saturn will hang around till September. My advice? Do not resist the lessons. Accept and learn from them; life will become easier as a consequence. If your lesson is difficult, I suggest you learn the challenge to overcome the hurdle, so your next phase of life can commence. As I have always proclaimed, lessons learnt and hurdles conquered result in a more exhilarating, purposeful and rewarding life.

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