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Saturn Turns Retrograde This Week!!


So many of my clients are asking what Saturn rules? Saturn rules lead, depression, obstacles, addictions that need to be addressed, bills that need to be paid, law, tax and a proper health regime. Our character will be tested. Have we grown up and leading a path of ‘righteousness’ or are we living a life of denial? When Saturn is around, there is no hiding or running away hoping luck will find us….REALITY HAS SET IN. Discipline, maturity time and patience – although I sigh, I realize that these qualities are essential in order to make our dreams a reality, whether it’s about career family or marriage.


In the next five months where Saturn turns retrograde, use the time to see where you really need to fine-tune your life….believe it or not we all know where we are diligent in our lives and where we run and hide, only to wake up the next day with the same issue staring us in the face. Saturn definitely rules career; so, go over any area of your career to identify what needs fixing or reworking. As Saturn in Sagittarius rules education, you either need to go back to school or learn something in your own way, and get to the top of your field.


What knowledge do you need to take you to where you need to go?  Make these plans or goals now, to take yourself to the next stage of your life. 


When Saturn turns retrograde, more often than not, you will want to quit rather than make long-term goals. But, now is the time to forge ahead and forge ahead you should for you will be back and be glad you did so. So, these are the areas where Saturn in Sagittarius rules – laws, courts, higher law, religion and education. All of these will impact dramatically in the next five months.


Saturn wants you to succeed, but it will ask you to sweat a little as it believes that nothing should be handed to you on a silver platter. Work hard, extend yourself and the rewards will be greater than what you had thought!

Saturn also rules health; many of us will come face-to-face with sickness, if we do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle. So, why not plan a health regime and work on it? This is the best time.


For people born in or around December 19, the effects of Saturn will be most impactful. Therefore, you must try to adhere to the rules of life, especially if you are born around the date I just mentioned. More than likely, you will know where you need to clean up your act and where you are sabotaging, and not taking care of business. Use this time wisely to get your act together, whether it is about finances, career or health. Just look at Saturn as your father and he will treat kindly, if you have done the right thing. But, if you have not, he will be quite stern and you may have to face the music, so to speak.



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