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Scorpio ♏️ February Horoscope

Scorpio ♏️ February Horoscope
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There might be a blast from your past this month when it comes to your romantic history. Whether or not you choose to rekindle things with this person is up to you, but between February 16 and March 9 while Mercury is retrograde, you’re certainly going to give it some thought. Sometimes the past is meant to be in the past and your ex is your ex for a reason. In certain cases, however, second chances are warranted. It’s not cut and dry, so you’ll want to take your time before you make a decision if this is on the table for you. You might also be wondering whether or not to remain in a current dating relationship. Again, take a “wait and see” approach if possible. You’ll have clarity after the New Moon happening in your true love sector on February 23.

In other news, you might experience amazing professional fulfillment near the Full Moon on February 9. Expect to receive some type of spotlight attention and, although it might make you uncomfortable (you do cherish your privacy), at the same time, this is a reward that is well deserved. Allow yourself to bask in the glory.


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