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Know about the Significance of Numbers in Psychic Reading

Do you want to become a psychic reader? Do you have an attraction towards numerology? You can efficiently offer phone psychic readings Australia by taking the help of numerology. In this blog, we are going to discuss about the significance of numbers in psychic reading.


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Like names, numbers have meanings attached to them. A study in numerology can offer you deep insight into numerical values. In numerology, you have to deal in 9 numbers starting from 1 and ending in 9. Now, the English alphabet has more than 9 letters. To solve this problem, numerology has introduced a technique. I is the 9th number, therefore the next letter J is counted as 1. That means you have to count from 1 to 9 over and over till you reach the last letter of the alphabet.


Thus, if your name is John, you can find out your number in the following way.

J=1, 0=6, H=8 and N=5

So, 1+6+8+5 = 20

You need to end the calculation with a single digit number and therefore, 2+0=2

So, the numerical significance of the name John is 2.


The meaning of a number and its impact does not always come from the name of a person. Numerology is a vast subject with many facets. The date of your birthday also determines what number has the greatest impact on you. Numbers determine your character and personality.  As a learned numerologist you can offer efficient phone psychic readings Australia by calculating the numbers associated with a name and date of birth.


Here is a list of the characteristic features of people with the following numbers.


1 – The person is courageous, focussed, determined and rebellious in a positive way. On the other hand, he or she can be undisciplined and stubborn.


2 – A number 2 person is diplomatic, studious, peacemaker, sensitive and patient. He or she may have an inclination towards music.

Negative attributes include carelessness and laziness.


3 – The individual is positive-minded, youthful, inspiring, tolerant and dynamic. But, he or she can be superficial, hypocrite, prone to complain and vain.


4 – A number 4 person can be reliable, pragmatic, strong, methodical and trustworthy. He or she can, however, be boring, lack empathy and socially awkward.


5 – Number 5 people are adventurous, sensual, courageous, freedom-loving and flexible. They can, however, be self-indulgent, chaotic and irresponsible.


6 – They are protective, compassionate, self-sacrificing and loving. They can make the ideal teacher or guardian. As far as their negative traits are concerned, they can be suspicious, cynical or even anxious.


7 – These people are knowledgeable, gracious, contemplative, spiritual, wise and focused. But, they can be melancholic, sarcastic and display social awkwardness.


8 – A number 8 personality is street-smart, good judge of characters and has a balanced state of mind. He or she can be an efficient manager at workplace. His or her negative features display violence and cruelty.


9 – Number 9 people are generous, kind-hearted, aristocratic and romantic by nature. But, they can be egocentric, sentimental and arrogant.


Learn numerology in details and offer accurate phone psychic readings Australia. Use your knowledge and skills to offer effective readings to your clients.



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