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Solstice Eclipse

Good morning beautiful souls,

Today we have a Solstice Eclipse which is the beginning of a six month personal journey of enlightenment, a day where we begin to discover who we really are, where our next chapter will take us, who we may need to leave behind, and who we need to take with us on our next passage of life….

this is an incredibly powerful and transformative day leading into six months….making it a time of renewal, regeneration and transformation

you may notice that you are gradually changing and transforming into someone else, what seemed important to you yesterday, may no longer have purpose for you in the next six months…

you are changing the very essence of your thinking and perception of your world ?, and the way you interact in your world…..

For some this may mean that your status/ persona/ personality or inner self will change and will give you the courage to create a WHOLE NEW IDENTITY…single / married /mother/ grandmother/new home buyer/divorced/new job status

Pls spend today thinking and feeling how you would like your world ? to be in the next six months, be your own example today of who YOU want to be in the next six months in your
immediate world ? and In your world at large ?

Some examples of what you may want to create for yourself in the next six months are:

Peace ✌️

Thinking ? positive thoughts

Being in nature

Being around people you love and trust

Eating well

Meditating ?‍♀️

Turning of the media

Loving ? and laughing

Doing good

Organising your time appropriately

Avoiding bad thoughts, addictive behaviours and drama ?

Being loving and welcoming love ? in your life

Being of service to others in need


Exercising non judgment

Avoiding the blame game

Understanding we are all undergoing a personal challenge in this life

Learning and studying

Creating new job opportunities for oneself

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