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Spirit wants you to have a wonderful day

Spirit wants you to have a wonderful day….and would like to help you with a special message….to keep with you all day long….?

Hold this thought when you need to make an important decision or when there may be an opportunity/ challenge that presents itself today,

One of these two spiritual messages will guide you….❤️and help you today ?

Which one are you drawn to??
Finding it difficult to make a decision think ? of a situation or person, and attach a question to it and see where your gaze falls

Try not to get too analytical….just neutralise your mind and heart and see which one ☝️ holds your gaze ….

1. 2. Or 3?

which one?☝️

Card one
Dance With Life Life is always moving. To avoid falling out of flow with it, you’re being asked to shift your vibration and be unrestrained. Dancing helps our intuition to stay connected to the Universes beat. If it’s not your thing, then simply do something you wouldn’t usually do to shift the energy.’

Card Two
The Celtic word Imrama means a journey of the soul. If you picked this card you are being called on a soul journey through the portal of your heart. Follow the invisible trail and be willing to explore whether it’s through books, movies or your own ancestral lineage.’

Card Three
Answer the Call You are in exactly the right place to answer your calling now. You don’t need to know the whole plan. You don’t even need to know where it’s leading. Trust your intuition, muster some courage, and have faith. And remember you do NOT need anyone’s permission, but you DO need to take the first step.’

Don’t overthink it now!

Let me know which one you chose ?

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