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The Influences of Lunar and Solar Eclipses on Human Lives


Human beings love to stay in their comfort zones and always procrastinate if they have to embrace changes in their lives. This is why the cosmos decides to push us at times so that we can take a leap of faith. Eclipses are the cosmic agents that bring about changes in human lives. Though eclipses are astronomical events, they have spiritual significance as well.

Importance of Eclipses

Eclipses occur around four to six times a year and each time, they completely transform human lives. We tend to get disoriented during an eclipse and act contrary to our characters. We also see a lot of turbulence in the world around us, during an eclipse. Eclipses are also important because they assist in changing dynamics and interrupting patterns.

Eclipses in 2017

We have recently entered in 2017 and this year, there shall be two solar and two lunar eclipses. The first lunar eclipse is going to happen on 11th February. This shall be followed by a solar eclipse on 26th February. The second lunar eclipse of 2017 is going to happen on 7th August. The last eclipse of the year shall be a solar eclipse, on 26th August.


Lunar Eclipse and Its Effects

On any lunar eclipse, the Earth comes right in between the Moon and the Sun. This is also known as an opposition between the Moon and the Sun. For a short spell, we can witness the shadow of the Earth turning the glowing full moon into fierce shades of brown, gray and red. As per the astrologers, lunar eclipse allows us to glance into, what Carl Jung called, the ‘shadow self’. You might discover a hidden shocking side of your personality during a lunar eclipse.

Though this can be hard to digest at first, lunar eclipses can give you a chance to embrace the wholeness of your character. This, in turn, helps you to grow your persona in the required directions. Once you acknowledge the presence of emotions like, anger, rage, jealousy, fear within yourself, you learn how to handle them. Thus, accept the negatives along with the positives, so that lunar eclipses can be magical and transforming moments for yourself.

Solar Eclipse and Its Effects

The Solar eclipse is also known as a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon and on it, the Moon comes right in between the Sun and the Earth. On solar eclipses, the Moon entirely blocks out the Sun. For human beings, this blocking of the sun makes their surroundings an unreal realm for them temporarily. This can limit your perspectives on the world and make you lose opportunities. But, as the surrounding becomes unfamiliar, solar eclipses can also force you to tread on new paths. For the time being, you can face disruption, but a lot of growth can actually happen during these powerful cosmic phases.

So, you must use the times of eclipses for bringing about changes in the paths of your lives. However, astrologers suggest to wait for a fortnight or so before undertaking changes, so that the energy of an eclipse can settle down.


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